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Ubiquiti Networks  |  SKU: DT-810354021817

Ubiquiti Edgerouter X SFP - Router - Desktop - Black (ER-X-SFP)

Model Number: ER-X-SFP

$80.34 USD
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(5) Gigabit RJ45 ports with passive PoE support. (1) Gigabit SFP port for backhaul applications. Ports configurable for line-rate, Layer-2 switching. 130 kpps for 64-byte packets. 1 Gbps for 1518-byte packets.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jose Cournoyer
Très satisfait

Items reçus àla date prévue et les deux sont bien fonctionnels

Amazon Customer
Great Router

First one issue. This router came with a European plug. No where did it indicate this in the description. Luckily this has a brick adapter and replacing this was easy. Now the good. This is the second one of these routers that I've owned. Super configurable and great performance, just make sure to enable hardware offloading. Overall, you can't beat this little device.

Johnny Lunchbucket
Nice Unit and Quite Powerful

I bought this the other day for two primary reasons, I needed to have several simultaneous connections to the Internet and I wanted POE for older Ubiquiti gear. I was running a USG3P but replaced it with this. It's working perfectly. This device enabled me to get rid of 3 POE blocks for the WAN radios and 3 ethernet cables right off the bat. WAN balancing between the 3 wireless WAN connections is working perfectly. Setup was pretty easy. Price was/is excellent. What makes this router very neat is that it's both a router AND a switch. I can also add another two WAN connections for a total of 5. It's tiny and passively cooled (no fan). What can I say? I'm pleased. Very pleased. It cleaned up all cabling clutter and freed up three electrical outlets for the POE blocks it replaced. It's certainly a bit dated but I'm very pleased. Lots of information out there on it, lots of videos to show you what to do if you don't know but I set it up with no issues. Highly recommended.

Great little firewall!

This thing does it all, and more. I tend to push hardware past its original design. I've done VPN routing, both client and server, remote logging, DNS forwarding, etc. If you add more Ubiquiti products to your network, they all play quite nicely together. The Linux distro on this is based off of Debian, and you can even install Debian packages. Installing custom software is bit of a hassle because it needs to be cross compiled for this specific CPU: little endian 32-bit MIPS. The 256MB of memory and 256MB of local storage is really frustrating. Stacking all of these features on this tiny machine has caused it to load up and die quite a few times over the 5 years I've been using it. I'm going to upgrade to the EdgeRouter 4 next, which has better CPUs and more storage. This is a great little machine for the price!

Yet Another Gomez Addams
great value for power users - not for the casual SOHO user

LAST UPDATE, 6-1-20: The power cord to the wall-wart comes off the opposite side from the network ports. This is fine if you're going to mount it to a wall, but not so great on a desktop, benchtop, etc. UPDATE, 4-3-20: I needed to look at QoS so my other half couldn't saturate our pipe with video feeds when I was working. The EdgeRouter had everything I needed, and the Traffic Analysis feature made it easy to verify who the culprit was (out of 4 users). This is really sexy little box for the money. I haven't felt this satisfied with a computer or networking purchase in over a decade, fo' reelz. ;) UPDATE, 2-16-20: I was seeing terrible (250mS+) loaded latency on my new faster service. Big ratio between loaded and unloaded. So I learned about BufferBloat, and the specific, modern, Smart Queue Management strategies (in my case: Fair Queuing - FQ - with Controlled Delay -CoDel) which fix buffer bloat -- features not available on most commodity SOHO routers. This feature can be turned on in the ER-X router's GUI without digging into the CLI. A small amount of tuning of the two bandwidth numbers was required to achieve much lower latency without impacting my connection speeds. Implementing modern network traffic management tools like SQM or QoS is often quite fiddly, requiring more arcane knowledge than I have, and I do this stuff for a living. So it was a pleasant surprise to be able to turn it on and have it working properly in under five minutes. -------- original review: I knew Ubiquiti network hardware from the corporate world, they offer decent value for money. That said, this is a business product. It's vastly over-powered for a home broadband connection. If you're a power user who can benefit from being able to remotely access / VPN to your home network from afar, or you actually have a use case for Quality of Service / Traffic Shaping / SQM (gamer or a network TV perhaps) then $100 for this little gem is a very wise purchase. But you had best know what you are doing; Ubiquiti's product documentation consisted of a QR code leading to their web site. Not so much as a disk or even a pamphlet came in the box. I had better luck finding the config document I wanted with Google than using Ubiquiti's search on their own site. So if you need hand-holding when setting up networking stuff, buy something else. This is not a $39 Netgear "router" with woo-woo "True Diversity" antennas. This is an actual boundary router appliance, don't let the tiny form factor fool you. 15 years ago, a box with the same capabilities was a 1U rack mount device and cost $4,000.

Ubiquiti Edgerouter X SFP - Router - Desktop - Black (ER-X-SFP)
Ubiquiti Networks

Ubiquiti Edgerouter X SFP - Router - Desktop - Black (ER-X-SFP)

$80.34 USD

(5) Gigabit RJ45 ports with passive PoE support. (1) Gigabit SFP port for backhaul applications. Ports configurable for line-rate, Layer-2 switching. 130 kpps for 64-byte packets. 1 Gbps for 1518-byte packets.

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