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Samson  |  SKU: DT-809164017677

Samson SR550 Closed Back Over-Ear Studio Headphones

Model Number: SASR550

$31.77 USD
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Samson's latest Studio Reference Series headphones offer exceptional sonic clarity and comfort in a durable, lightweight design that's perfect for studio and mobile applications.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
glen zukauskas
Great product, bad vendor

Received product just fine, but box was open and product was hastily stuffed in box as if headphones were returned by someone else.


There just alright for studio headphones at this price. My earbuds were only 35$ and they have about the same quality as these

Amazon Customer
SR550 Headphones - Good product for home studio recording./ live monitoring flat response

I like these phones.. They give a very good signal quality.. well, they are domestic mid price range.. these cost me $35 on a discount deal..I think they were orig around $60-70 + so not too bad ...They offer a good flat response which is what i bought them for... to hear the actual sounds I record... not biased with too much bass or treble etc which is what a lot of low - mid headphones offer.. The SR550 headphones are not the best in the world, but at this price they do a surprisingly good job of delivering clean sound in home recording, monitoring or live sound application at sound desk.... Would have given them 5 stars but the cable on these is terrible. VERY thin, Only 1/8th inch ! (2/16ths ) Samson should sort thing like this out before putting a product out on the market.. How many sales will they miss out on because of errors in product like this?. Headphones takes a LOT of handling and usage, and the cable is the lifeline.. Snap it and they are kaput.. (unless you repair it and how many of us know how to do that?) Most customers will buy flat response for specific usage and dont want a flimsy easy to damage cable . (At the time I was pushed for cash so bought them anyway just to get by on my home recordings.) Be careful and watch that cable, dont snag it or pull it, dont crimp it etc or it will break/cut very easily.) its a great shame that Samson make a great pair of headphones like these, then spoil it all by connecting them to a ridiculously fragile thin wired cable? Whats the point of that? VERY easy to snag/crimp/snap or break that cable, so 3 stars only.

Does not dampen/isolate external noise at all

I specifically purchased these headphones because they were advertised to feature "noise isolation". I have returned them because they do not dampen sound at all. I didn't even bother testing with music. Upon receiving, I put them on and had my roommate talk. I could hear her, so she talked softer. I could still hear her, so she whispered - I could hear every word clearly. I have a very quiet ceiling fan, so I sat under it, and I could hear it operating with the headphones on. When I took the headphones off, there was very little discernible difference in my hearing. I had planned on using these headphones with and without music, as I suffer from misophonia (agitation to ordinary sounds - pen clicking, foot tapping, etc). I didn't expect full silence upon wearing, but when the product specifically advertises noise isolation, I expect at least some dampening of outside sounds. When my cheap earbuds purchased at the 99 Cents Only Store work better than a ~$38 set of headphones, that's a real problem!

Chris Armstrong
Great until the pads fall off...

Sound quality is good, but the pads can fairly easily be knocked off. I keep these in my laptop bag and pull them out on flights, and the pads get knocked off fairly often. Once they're off, they're pretty hard to get back on...

Samson SR550 Closed Back Over-Ear Studio Headphones

Samson SR550 Closed Back Over-Ear Studio Headphones

$31.77 USD

Samson's latest Studio Reference Series headphones offer exceptional sonic clarity and comfort in a durable, lightweight design that's perfect for studio and mobile applications.

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