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KINESIS  |  SKU: OB-607998800294-1

OPEN BOX - Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard for PC (9" Separation)

Model Number: KB800PB-BT

$85.95 USD
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OPEN BOX - Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard for PC (9" Separation) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Amazon Customer
Beware of warranty process and hidden costs

Some of the keys on mine stopped working, I had to PAY to ship it back, with the risk that they wouldn't approve a warranty replacement or would charge a restock fee, and then after not having the keyboard for almost a month, I got a replacement. The replacement has issues as well, some keys are sticky, but I'm keeping it because it's not worth the return hassle. I do wish the cable between the two sides was longer so you could place each side just a little further apart and it doesn't come with an integrated number key pad, so i bought one separately. Also be warned the tenting parts are very expensive making this keyboard much more expensive when you get the tenting kit and consider warranty cost. Next time, I'll go with a moonlander!

Bluetooth does not connect

I ended up buying the USB one as this one does not stay connected and asks for a non existent passcode?

Attached battery only lasts about 3 hours.

I've been using the Kinesis Freestyle 2 Blue Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard for PC (9" Separation) for about a week now. My first frustration was there are no feet on the keyboard for the appropriate slant. So I'm using bottle caps under the keyboard. My second frustration is the battery life. Fully charged it only lasts about 3 hours, many times less. So, basically, it is a wired keyboard, as it comes with a charging cable that must stay plugged in for working more than 3 hours. My third frustration is the location of the on/off switch. It is located on the top right side (the side facing the monitor). I have to lift up the right keyboard to turn it off or on. It would be nicer if the on/off switch were located on the top side, the same side as the keys. My last frustration is with Amazon returns. In order to return it, I have to be able to go inside a store, which I am not able to do. I wish they had a drive-through or that customers could have pick-up from our door, just as we received it.

Love it

I've been using this keyboard for over 5 months and love it. It feels better for my shoulders and overall posture when my arms are able to be farther apart instead of slanted inward, which they have to be even for most ergonomic keyboards. The Bluetooth works well overall -- I experience an occasional instance of it behaving like a key got stuck and typing a letter several times after a slight delay, but this is only occasional and hasn't been much of a problem for me. It's worth it to have one less cord to deal with, in my opinion. I think I've only charged this keyboard a couple of times in the 5+ months I've had it, and I use it daily for work. I turn the keyboard off overnight and when I'm stepping away from my computer for more than a few minutes. I purchased the accessory kit with the tenting accessory and wrist attachments. No regrets! Not a cheap keyboard when all was said and done, but a good keyboard is something worth investing in if you're doing a lot of typing. The only thing I can think of as a "negative" is that there's no number pad, so you're stuck using the numbers at the top of the keyboard instead of having the option to quickly type out numbers and calculations with one hand, unless you purchase the separate Bluetooth number pad, which I've opted not to do. But this keyboard was still a good purchase regardless.

Christy Davidson
Best Ergonomic Keyboard - Hands down!

With having 4 major surgeries to both my rotator cuffs and biceps I could not live without this keyboard. I first used the wired one at work and bought this one for home and I will only buy this brand. It's easy to set up and the charge lasts a very long time. It is much better than the keyboards that is all in one as this one you can have on an angle which is better for your posture.


OPEN BOX - Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard for PC (9" Separation)

$85.95 USD
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