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Asus  |  SKU: OB-195553922616-1

OPEN BOX - ASUS Prime B650M-A AX AMD B650(Ryzen 7000) Micro-ATX Motherboard(DDR5,PCIe 5.0 M.2,2.5Gb LAN,Wi-Fi 6, DP,USB 3.2 Gen 2 Ports,Front USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C®, BIOS Flashback™, CEC Tier II Ready)

Model Number: PRIME B650M-A AX

$143.76 USD
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Timothy Chambers
This Motherboard has problems with Stability on install

I purchased this motherboard, along with other components, to build a gaming PC for my house hold. I have used Asus motherboards in the past building PCs and felt pretty confident in the quality of the brand given previous experience. I was foolish to not do more research prior to my purchase and just considered the brand. I built the computer this past weekend and on start up things went poorly. I tried to install Windows and got it to install initially. Then the computer became wildly unstable and bricked. I flashed the hard drive and started over. It bricked again. I flashed the hard drive and downloaded the MS Windows Media file on a new USB from a different computer. Bricked again. I first thought that I may have a faulty hard drive. I stopped working on the computer and went to purchase a new hard drive. A few days later. with a new hard drive installed, I tried to install windows again and again the computer bricked. I took some time to review all of the different components I purchased. Everything was VERY highly rates and well received, with the exception of the motherboard. I saw multiple posts suggesting that the split memory was the concern. I had 2 sticks of 16GB ram installed as instructed in the manual. I was very skeptical that removing one would correct the issue. Still, I removed one of the two sticks of ram and the computer became very stable. I installed windows and all of the drives needed for the computer. I contacted ASUS about the issue and asked why the had not compensated for the known issues of the Motherboard. While the tech support was friendly, they were not helpful. The discussed having me send the Motherboard back for repair or replacement. This process would very likely take weeks. I decided to instead update the BIOS and reset the CMOS to see if that would correct the issue and allow for me to install the second stick of ram. My efforts were rewarded and the computer is now fully functional. TLDR - Find a different motherboard to purchase. I have this one working, but the amount of effort it required to get it stable was frustrating. The lack of quality control from Asus is surprising. I will not purchase their equipment moving forward.

yingqing z.
any change will bring you a no boot pc

The media could not be loaded. i just changed O.C.E.P(turbo?) and carefully down ram frequency to 6000 and pc can't start again anyway i can back to default so its great


Not a fault of the board, just a heads up if you're gonna use this board with a new amd graphics card it doesn't have the up to date amd board drivers preloaded so just be sure to download those

Rodney Saenz
Works well

Been using for 2 months for gaming and school and so far been working pretty well. Took a few days to realize I had to go to motherboard website to download WiFi drivers.

S. A. Wilson
Everything Just Works

I usually get the less-featured asus board and have for years. I read reviews on this one and folks said it wouldn't run memory at 6000. It's running my expo ram at 6000 cl30 just fine. I put a 7950X in it. No issues there either. The bios let me set the TDP so I dropped it to 120W. It was nice to have a granular setting for this and not a stupid "eco mode" setting. Phoronix unigine-heaven says I'm tied for the best result with my video card (7900XT) at 2K. You really can't ask for anything more than that on a system with reduced TDP. Nothing gets hot. The onboard RGB was picked up by Linux just fine and worked with OpenRGB. I don't use the wifi or blutooth but I'm sure they are fine. Plenty of room for a huge Noctua cpu cooler. Benchmarks are fantastic. I didn't even have to update the bios. It had the most recent. The only thing I had to do in bios after turning off wifi and blutooth and setting TDP was turn on Resize Bar. For some reason it wasn't on by default. Oh, and I had to turn on EXPO for my ram. But that was it. Boom, saw the ram, overclocked it. Rarely do I build a system and it's just working the first time I hit the power button. That's how it was this time. Save your money on an AM5 build. Use this board.


OPEN BOX - ASUS Prime B650M-A AX AMD B650(Ryzen 7000) Micro-ATX Motherboard(DDR5,PCIe 5.0 M.2,2.5Gb LAN,Wi-Fi 6, DP,USB 3.2 Gen 2 Ports,Front USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C®, BIOS Flashback™, CEC Tier II Ready)

$143.76 USD
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