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Royal  |  SKU: DT-022447691634

Royal Consumer 69163Y Alpha 7000ml Cash Register

Model Number: 69163Y

$275.43 USD
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Ruby Boykin
Too complicated for ….not easy to calibrate…

Was bought for my business but we are seniors and it didn’t work….

Amazon Customer

Puchased from Staples 28 days ago and still unable to use it. Documentation is worthless as is tech support. We purchased this because it would enable us to apply a coupon with a reference to the department. Tech support finally told me it can't be done. Returning it to Staples today. We experienced all the issues mentioned in the other reviews. We didn't do our homework. Should have taken advantage of the Amazon reviews.

Eliza Storrie
Not a great register and shady Seller

Had issues with this register immediately. It's not the easiest to set up to begin with and then the journal roll was faulty. No matter what was done, it wouldn't stay tight on the spool and kept crumpling and pooling under the cover. I contacted Royal directly to problem solve and we weren't able to resolve the problem so they advised to request a return from the seller. When I submitted the request to the seller it said to give them two days to respond. No response. When I went to contact them again I got a note that this item was no longer eligible for return. Pretty fishy that the window for return would end 74 days after purchase? Not 30 or 90 or some other standard window but a weird number and right after I reached out to them. Do not purchase from this seller.

J. F. Leeper

I bought this because we needed a simple register ASAP. First of all if you buy one, INSTALL THE AA BACKUP BATTERIES (NOT INCLUDED) BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT ANYTHING OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MIND. I installed the batteries out of sequence and the register programming contained gibberish (e.g. each transaction asked for DOB verification). There is a quickstart guide which will get it programmed, sort of. Beyond the very basics it's a lot of work. The manual is cryptic more like something a programmer would use. Simple stuff like 'How to do a transaction...sale...void...refund...etc. are all very unclear. Royal should hire someone to write a decent manual or do some videos. There are some videos (six years old) on YouTube for another Royal register that is a bit similar. I've only called Royal support once so have no real experience there. As mentioned I needed something in a hurry. I was not ready to drop $1500 on a more contemporary POS system; that was a mistake. I've already put 6+ hours into getting this thing working. Oh, yes, I wanted to Z out the register. You need to set up authorization for that, providing a four digit passcode for the 'manager' to Z out the register. The register refused to accept the code I set up. The solution is to do a hard reset of the register and re-program the register all over again. That effort has caused me to re-set it at least three times, maybe four, and I still cannot get it to Z out. There is software that you can install on your PC and then xfer to the register. The software has a very clunky interface. It appears that you can configure the register on your PC and then xfer the programming to the register with an SD card...but I'm not sure. There is a cable kit that might be simpler than the SD card approach. Complex alphanumeric configuration entries on the register itself is very, very slow and frustrating. I did use a manual Royal typewriter in typing class back in 1963 and that was pretty straightforward.

Michele Murphy
Okay product

Not easy to program but price worthy

Royal Consumer 69163Y Alpha 7000ml Cash Register

Royal Consumer 69163Y Alpha 7000ml Cash Register

$275.43 USD

No description found.

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