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Toshiba  |  SKU: DT-723844000509

Toshiba X300 12TB Internal 3.5" 6GB/s Gaming Hard

Model Number: HDWR21CXZSTA

$227.73 USD
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Fotografia Moreno
My thoughts

For a place to storage big chunks of data works... but it is very cluncky and noisy. Also kind of slow performance. Certainly it is not for a main or OS drive workload.

Great HDD

Awesome speed and size, especially for the price I got it for.

David K
READ THIS - Toshiba Warranty will not replace, or even provide a full refund

Drive went bad after less then two years. Completed RMA process. Toshiba warranty states RECEIVE YOUR VISA REWARD CARD. The amount of the refund on the reward card will be the lower amount of either your purchase price or the Toshiba sales price (How does Toshiba make up this amount???); I eventually received an email with a "Virtual Gift Card" for about 60% of the price I paid, and much lower than anywhere sells the HDD. I wanted a new drive, with the Virtual Gift Card - I cannot come close to buying a replacement drive; UPDATE: After asking Toshiba where I can find a replacement hard drive for the amount they refunded, Toshiba support agreed with me and increased the refund by 50% to match market value for the drive.

Guy P.
They work for me.

My first Toshiba hard drive I bought was an 8TB in Sept 2018. Second was again an 8TB in July 2021. And just recently added a 12TB today. And these were not replacing each other. They were added to my storage capacity. I have had zero problems with these drives and unlike so many reviews I have read, they are quiet. I can't hear them at all. So no complaints whatsoever. Oh and the prices aren't bad. The only thing I didn't like (and has nothing to do with the hard drive), is they shipped the drive in a brown envelope. Not very smart for something that is fragile like a mechanical hard drive. Good thing the delivery guy didn't throw it onto my concrete step.

Grant Houle
Loudest Drive I've Ever Heard!

Althoug this drive works just fine, it has to be the loudest drive I've ever heard! It sounds like something from the late 80s! I don't think I'll be purchasing a Toshiba drive again.

Toshiba X300 12TB Internal 3.5 6GB/s Gaming Hard

Toshiba X300 12TB Internal 3.5" 6GB/s Gaming Hard

$227.73 USD

No description found.

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