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PANASONIC CE  |  SKU: DT-885170408166

Technics HiFi True Wireless Multipoint Bluetooth Earbuds with Noise Cancelling, 3 Device Multipoint Connectivity, Wireless Charging, Impressive Call Quality, LDAC Compatible - EAH-AZ60M2-K (Black)

Model Number: EAHAZ60M2EK

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Technics HiFi True Wireless Multipoint Bluetooth Earbuds with Noise Cancelling, 3 Device Multipoint Connectivity, Wireless Charging, Impressive Call Quality, LDAC Compatible - EAH-AZ60M2-K (Black) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Great sounding with super connectivity.

These are my fifth set of ear buds. The first three were cheap no name buds that worked but sucked. Then I bought a pair of JBL Live Free, they sounded amazing but would not stay connected, they absolutely drove me crazy. So I now own these Technics, so far I’m thrilled with how they fit and stay connected. The sound is very good, not as good as the JBL’s, but too close to call. I love the app’s sound control, very easy to use. I highly recommend.

Uncomfortable fit

Sound is decent but inconsistent, as is the Bluetooth connection when switching devices. Most of all the ear buds are uncomfortable, even after fitting with after market memory foam tips. Great sound but as a result of the problems returning these and going back to bose and or jabra

X-Man Rek
I really shouldn't like these as much as I do

I'll be the first to say I'm super critical of earbuds. For the longest time I would not go over $150 on earbuds for any reason. I'd read about the AZ80, but these were on sale so I took a chance on them. This have quickly become some of my favorite earbuds. Not the best, but certainly a favorite. Here's the obligatory Pros and Cons list: Pros: - App - The app is quirky, but offers a lot of control options for these earbuds. I like that you can control just about everything in how these earbuds respond to your taps and holds, including volume. My favorite app experience is still Soundcore, but I still like these. A cherry on top is the ability to name your connections. I never knew how valuable this could be until I experienced it. My other buds just beep or say "2 devices connected" but I never really know what I'm connected to if I'm no looking at it. The ability to have them tell me "Smartphone" or "Computer" is HUGE! If a connection has an issue I can go straight to the source of the issue. I love it! - Sound - These sound incredibly clear. I can head details in my music with these that I never noticed were there before on music I've listened to for years. Initially I had a problem with it because the bass response was light. The thing is, on some songs it feels light, and on others it really thumps. On all of my songs, I have a clarity without them being harsh that really shines. - ANC - I know everyone's ears are different, but these legitimately surprised me with how effective their ANC is for my uses. They beat out the Soundcore Space A40, Galaxy Buds2 Pro, Jabra Elite 8, Jabra Elite 10, and Pixel Buds Pro. The only buds I own that these don't beat are the Soundcore Liberty 4NC. Of buds I've tried, I will also place these about the Beats Studio Buds Plus and Fit Pro, and Sony Link Buds S. These do NOT beat the Airpods Pro 2 in ANC though. - Transparency - This is a very important feature to me, and these are some of the best I've tried. The best in this are hands down the Airpods Pro 2. I'd place these neck and neck with the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. These do not have conversation detection like the Galaxy's, but I haven't found this to be an issue. - Touch Controls - These are bar none the most responsive touch controls I've ever used on any earbuds ever. That's a large part of what makes these so enjoyable to me. The long press is not too long. There are very few accidental touches. It clearly recognizes double and triple taps almost perfectly. - Control Options - Aside from Jabra, these are the most comprehensive in terms of convenient control options being available, including the ability to mute the mic on a call from the earbuds itself. It can be a lot to get used to, but the ability to customize almost every function in a way that works for you is an amazing, if not understated convenience. - Multipoint - These are the only buds I've seen on the market offering 3-way multipoint. I regularly use 3 devices: my personal phone, work phone, and computer. It is a HUGE benefit to not have to juggle connections. I love when I can switch between 3 devices seamlessly. - Battery - I haven't scientifically measured how long the battery actually lasts, but it gets me through a work day, which is all I can really ask for. My Soundcore buds are both better, and the Jabra's do pretty well here too. In my book, the only buds I have that have been a problem for me are the Galaxy buds. - Ear Tips - These come with a LOT of ear tips in the box. Normally I'm able to use the tips that came in the box and I never even open the tips that come with a set. Initially, I didn't like the sound or ANC as much as my others for the price. Then I changed the tips. That was a GAME CHANGER!!! Just going one slight size down made these buds much more comfortable, and it improved the ANC DRAMATICALLY! - Just My Voice - Out of the box the call quality on these are just okay. Turning on Just My Voice basically eliminates background noise during calls. It makes it almost dead silent during calls. I only wonder why this isn't on by default. Cons: - Multipoint - I know, I know. How can it be a con if you just listed it as a pro? I don't know if the issue lies in the buds or the computers I use. I have a custom built PC and a Macbook Air I use at home. Whenever I connect to those, the connection is DOMINATED by those, even if I haven't used them in a while. By sheer virtue of them having been connected, I can't listen to anything else on any other device as long as I'm connected to those. Phone calls aren't an issue, only media. My work computer does not create this issue. This leads me to... - App - There are only 2 real issues I have with the app, but they are admittedly minor. The first is the fact that there is no dark mode on the app. Nitpicky, I know. The other though is bigger. There is no connected list of devices. With Soundcore, there is no ability to pull connection from a previously paired device if 2 devices are already con...

Sound is amazing-operation easy, great fit

I am absolutely amazed by the sound quality. As long as you choose the correct budsize. (Even phone calls). The settings/options are well rounded. The setup and manual are clear. Technics has raised the bar for others to follow.

A true gem

The media could not be loaded. Music is extremely personal. Sound is something that hugely impacts emotions. I recently came to know of the Technics brand and the fact that it’s owned by Panasonic - a company so near and dear to my heart that I still hunt for its products whenever exploring something new. Trimmers, appliances, batteries. what not. So with the AZ60M2s, I had some idea of what to expect - good sound. But a great product is not just the main feature. It should be a complete package. So I was more concerned about reliability, battery life, build quality, look and feel, packaging, and most importantly connectivity and the app usability. Having experienced the earbuds myself now, I am ecstatic to share that this is a complete package. Reliability - There are no hiccups/unexpected stoppages/delays whatsoever when you play music. Mic works well. Touch controls - No lag. No misses. solid beeps let you know what you did. Packaging - It is packaged really well - no fighting with the box or anything to wrestle it out. Battery Life - I see it holds enough charge for hours on end and also charges rapidly. Wireless charging is a welcome bonus. Instead of putting on the table to rest, I can just put it on the pad and have it ready each time. Build - The build quality is pleasing. It feels extremely nice in your hand. There is no fumbling with the buds while putting them back in case. App - The App is very frustration-free. It is simple, clean and has the most necessary stuff up front - Battery life, ANC, EQ and Find. EQ - The equalizer has multiple presets - Flat, Bass+, Super Bass, Vocals, Trebles, Dynamic and Custom. And I found each was different enough and tuned well enough to be usable - and not just there for the sake of it. Fit - It fits well in the ear canal - does protrude outwards quite a bit, but at least I didn’t feel the weight or any slackness in fit. No fatigue either when wearing for long hours. Bonus Points: Color - the beautiful Blue color sets it apart from all the blacks and silvers out there. Warranty registration was extremely easy and accurate. Huge selection of earbud tips is included - so you’d be able to find the one that fits just right. Personal opinion on Sound Quality. I loved the sound. Deep bass and very rich sound. Not tinny, flimsy or lacking anywhere. It’s a very full, mellow and clear sound. Compared it with multiple others similarly priced ones I though would sound good - watching multiple youtube reviews etc.. but none of them sounded so good. And none of them were a complete product package as I outlined above. I am floored. I believe I got a product that is well worth the price. And I hope it would last me quite a few years. A true gem.

Technics HiFi True Wireless Multipoint Bluetooth Earbuds with Noise Cancelling, 3 Device Multipoint Connectivity, Wireless Charging, Impressive Call Quality, LDAC Compatible - EAH-AZ60M2-K (Black)

Technics HiFi True Wireless Multipoint Bluetooth Earbuds with Noise Cancelling, 3 Device Multipoint Connectivity, Wireless Charging, Impressive Call Quality, LDAC Compatible - EAH-AZ60M2-K (Black)

$233.49 USD
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