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Electronics Pixel Policy

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LG Electronics Pixel Policy

This article is a detailed description on how LG Electronics defines LCD pixel criteria for warranty as applied to all LG Electronics LCD monitors.

  1. Definition of bright and dark sub-pixel

    The LCD Monitor panel contains millions of red, green, and blue sub-pixels which when combined displays the monitor colors as shown in Picture 1. Some sub-pixels may exhibit as bright or dark spots on the screen as shown in Picture 2 with the following symptoms:

    Bright sub-pixel : The symptom that some very small spots like red, green, or blue emit light on the screen.

    Dark sub-pixel : The symptom that some very small spots are visible on the screen.

    [ Picture 1 ] [ Picture 2 ]



    1 pixel is a combination of one red, one green

    and one blue sub-pixel

    Bright sub-pixel Dark sub-pixel

  2. Guarantee for bright and dark sub-pixel

Bright or dark sub-pixels can occur during the production of the LCD Monitor panel but does not affect the LCD Monitor functionality. The customer may notice the bright or dark spots if the film of the liquid crystal does not perform as expected while customers uses the LCD monitor. However, this is not considered a defect unless the number of bright and dark sub- pixels exceeds the maximum allowable threshold as shown in Table 1.

[ Table 1 : Allowed number of bright and dark sub-pixel ]