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Brother  |  SKU: DT-012502639008

Brother Printer PTP750W Wireless Label Maker

Model Number: PTP750W

$120.10 USD
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Good little label printer but WIFI is difficult to set up.

Great label printer for the price. Only downside is the WIFI setup, Since it does not have a UI to set up the SSID and password, it relies on you attaching to it via your phone or computer using its own SSID and then setting it up. You must load a tape into it as it prints the SSID and password onto the tape! However, as soon as I connect to it using my iPhone, it will say "No Internet access" and disconnects from the printer making impossible to set it up. I gave up after 30 minutes and just used the USB port. Windows will not automatically recognise this printer, you MUST download and install the driver from Brother for the USB to work. For some strange reason, the default mode of operation when powered on via the USB is "Storage" mode (appears as a USB drive), you need to press a sequence of buttons on the printer before it goes into "Printer" mode.

andrew van bruggen
Over priced and full of surprises

First it is overpriced compared to other wireless label printers. It does work with windows though after some old windows driver installation issues. Same way as installing under windows 95. Second, only prints wireless if connected to adapter or after installing optional $100.00 lithium battery pack. Won't print wireless with AA batteries installed. That part is deliberately disabled. Third, older TZ cartridges won't work. They are nearly the same cartridge as the TZe cartridges except Brother incorporated three proprietary methods to prevent using the older cartridges. Removing the glaringly obvious disabling pin won't suffice. Too bad Brother went for the money grab.

Steve - Broadcast Engineer
Have one at work, Now very happy to have one at home

When it comes to label makers, spend a little extra and get this one. My wife asked why I was buying it when she had two other hand held, cheaper machines. I quickly made a label with a picture on it and asked if hers could do this. :) Obviously not. Didn't take long to win her over. So you can print a label from your phone or you PC. Setup was extremely easy. Just plug it into the USB on your PC, and it will load and install the software, and it easily finds your Wifi. After setup you don't need to cable to your computer. There's an app to download on your phone, we have iPhones, and it works great. At first you may not like the fact that there is no keyboard on it, but when you start to use your phone or PC, you'll realize just how much easier it is. Plus, you can easily change fonts, make multi-line labels, add tables, graphs, photos and more. You can get a variety of tape widths from 1/4" (6mm) up to 1" wide. There is a less expensive version that only works with USB, but I figured that I'm going to have this for a long time, so why not spend just a bit more and get one that everyone in the house can use from their phones or laptops, and without cables.

worst documentation EVER!

This is NOT my 1st P-touch, but the 1st one of this type (ie pure printer, no keyboard). The included instructions are worthless. The online support is only marginally better. I get it that Brother is attempted to do an "Apple" where manuals are not needed, but this product is NOT at that level. I had to scour the web to pick up bits and pieces of the info on networking and running on batteries (no networking on disposable batteries, networking on battery ONLY available with optional LiOn battery back OR using included wall wart). The app (Mac and iOS) are decent and they do work as expected. I do like that this printer prints on the 1" wide tape as well as the narrowing tapes. Being able to print to it from iOS or iPadOS as well as macOS is a big plus. I do like the chaining and half cut features as that really minimized the waste of tape. I can say that the P-Touch system and its tapes really holdup well over time even when exposed to the direct sun and the elements as I have some outdoor labels that are over 15 years old that look as good as the day I applied them. Overall, I like the PTP750W as it takes up less space than the models with the keyboard and i tended to use P-Touch Editor software with those as well, so don't miss the keyboard.

The industry standard in laminated label makers, updated

This Brother P-Touch labelmaker replaces one that has served me well for about 10 years. When I bought a MacBook with the M1 chip, I had to upgrade my labelmaker for the latest software to work. The Brother P-Touch PTP 750W offers both wireless and USB connectivity. You can make labels quickly from an AirPrint device like a tablet or smartphone, or use the desktop Brother P-Touch software for added design flexibility. The PTP 750W is an inkless, thermal printer and offers standard and high-resolution printing on laminated or unlaminated TZe tapes. The printer comes with a sample 24mm (0.94 inch) wide tape. You can purchase tapes from 6 mm to 24 mm in various print and label color combinations. I was surprised to learn that my vast inventory of TZ tapes do not fit this new machine. The high resolution print quality is good; the standard resolution print quality is not as good, especially with small print. The software works pretty much the same as it was 10-15 years ago, though updated with a few new options for multiple prints and cutting. The interface is "so-so" and I cannot lock the text fields in place, so they move when I click on the field to edit. An annoyance, though I do not use this printer every day. I recommend this updated version over the PT 700 for anyone who needs/wants AirPrint and/or wireless connections.

Brother Printer PTP750W Wireless Label Maker

Brother Printer PTP750W Wireless Label Maker

$120.10 USD

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